How to prevent ads from showing up on a particular Page(s)

“I don’t want to show ads on my Contact Page”, “How can I prevent ads from showing up on my About us page”

I have been asked these questions several times since I began working on WordPress Projects.

Wp-Insert has an easy way to accomplish just this.

Suppose I don’t want to show the ad above my page/post content on my Contact Us Page.

I head over to Wp-Insert – Manage Ads (Posts and Sidebars) page and expand the “Ad – Above Post Content” Section.

ad above post content filled

Now in the “Exclude on Posts/Page” section you can either directly enter the page/post ids of the pages/post you want to prevent the particular ad from showing up or you can click the tiny search button on the right to bring up the Post/Page picker Popup.

(If the pop-up stopped appearing after an upgrade just clear your browser cache and it should reappear. If it still doesn’t appear try deleting and then reinstalling the plugin)



Now you can pick the posts/pages using the buttons or by double clicking the page titles in the left box. Similarly to remove posts/pages from the selection you can use the icons or double click them in the right box.


Click OK. and Save the Entire page.

Preventing ads from showing op on particular pages is a feature that’s missing in many other plugins.

Some plugins which impliment them does not have the provision to control the ads indivigually.

On most occasions we would want the ads embedded inside the post only to be eliminated from a particular page or post and would want to continue showing them on other parts of the site.

Some sites have even used this feature to include page specific tracking codes.

Share your experience about this feature below.

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  1. Mark says:

    I’ve cleared my cache and also deleted/re-installed the plugin, but the pop-up for the “Exclude on Posts/Page” won’t show. Any suggestions?



    • admin says:

      @Mark : The pop-up uses java-script and Ajax…If some other plugin is causing a java-script error the pop-up wont be able to function correctly..To know the plugin which i causing the issue : In Firefox go to menu-tools-error console. Here you will be able to see javascript errors if any along with the name of the file causing it..It should give you an idea about the plugin causing the error..Try deactivating the plugin and the pop-up should reappear..

  2. dj says:

    I only want to show ads on my homepage no where else,just the home page right above post thats it

    Not sidebar, archives, tags, or post pages only home page

    • admin says:

      @dj : As of now the only way to do this is using template tags section and surrounding the template tag code with a check for is_home. [code]if(is_home()) { template tag code here }[/code]

  3. Ok everyone. I fixed the problem for the pop-up for the “Exclude on Posts/Page” now showing thing.

    Change line 237 in /wp-content/plugins/wp-insert/includes/postpicker.php


    $allposts .= "ID."'>".$page->post_title."";


    $allposts .= "ID."'>".htmlspecialchars($page->post_title)."";

    and also line 243


    $allposts .= "ID."'>".$post->post_title."";


    $allposts .= "ID."'>".htmlspecialchars($post->post_title)."";

    This should fix it.

    admin: Can you please include this fix in your next release?

    • Namith J says:

      @FreshSuperCool : Thanks for the code. This should fix the issue for many who has special characters in their post titles. But the real problem with the current plugin is the script running out of memory in many servers. I hope the new version will fix those issues.

  4. Edwards80 says:


    I have the same issue!…I’ve cleared my cache and also deleted/re-installed the plugin, but the pop-up for the “Exclude on Posts/Page” won’t show. I have also looked at the javascript errors and they all caused by this plugin. This plugin looks great and is easy to use, but it seems that there are a few bugs still to be fixed.

    Can someone help with this?

  5. Edwards80 says:

    Is you idea of support to delete my support enquiry??…..I was willing to give you the opportunity to put things right, but you have now proven what an amateur developer you are!


    Folks, steer clear of this plugin! Pay for a decent one that offers support!

    See ya!

    • Namith J says:

      @Edwards80 : I agree that support is a bit slow in the project; but also do note that we run this project out of the love of giving something back to the wonderful word-press community. Unlike Automattic we don’t have a huge working capital or lots of developers. I handle the plugin single handedly and have to work on support requests, bugs and suggestions and at the same time i have to manage the running of the parent company SmartLogix which is the only source of capital for the couple of plugin projects.
      I can proudly say that Wp-Insert is as powerful or more powerful than any of its competition.

      I do expect support rather than rants in future!

  6. […] fixed this and commented on the blog of the plugin’s author where people complain about this but apparently, my comment got […]

  7. Betty says:

    Hello Namith J.
    I read some of the posts and I don’t understand why people are complaining about something that is “free.” No one is forcing anyone to use it. I just recently found the plug-in and I am just so grateful that I can actually understand and use. I had been looking for a way to control my ad placement.

    A “free” tool that even automates your privacy page, terms & condition page? Tutorials? Please!!! What are you complaining about.

  8. Numaga says:


    I’m currently developing a new website that will be replacing a popular blog I own. I’ve been using the wp-insert plugin on 4 of my websites to manage ads but I’m desperately looking for a way to manage the ads category specific. I’ve tried many other plugins, but wp-insert’s other features are great so I rather use this one instead.

    With WP-insert I can exclude ads from post/pages, home page and archives, but I can’t exclude ads from specific categories.

    I’m looking for a way to show “advertisement 1″ in “category 1″ and show “advertisement 2″ in “category 2″.

    Both categories will be using the “above and below post content” ad so basically I”ll also need multiple above,below,right,left ad areas.

    In short I want to show “normal” ads in the “safe for work” categories and show “NSFW” ads in the “NSFW” categories of my blog. There iare many plugins that can do this for the Joomla CMS, but none in wordpress.

    I think is a feature many people will welcome with open arms. I hope some day, this will be implemented in the plugin. Untill then, keep up the great work and thanks for the great plugin it is now.

  9. Ryan says:

    I have a category page that has excerpts from the posts. I have included the category id so they do not show up, but they show up. Any ideas?

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