How to Specify where to show Ads in the Home Page 

A lot of Ads is always distracting to the users and ruins the visitor experience. Apart from this Google Adsense limits the number of Ads per Page to 3 Ad Units and 4 Link Units and if you add more Ad units to your pages it will appear as blank Spaces in the site.

 How to show Different Ads to Visitors from Different Countries 

You might wish to promote Affiliate products in the US while delivering Adsense to the rest of the World. With our new Geo Targeting mechanism you can control who see which Ads with just a few clicks.

 How to manually specify where to display Ads in the Middle of the Post Content 

 How to Left or Right Align Ad in the Middle of the post so that the content wraps around the Ad 

 How to insert Google Analytics Code into your Site 

 How to insert Custom Code into the Head or Footer of the Site 

 How to Insert Ads to the Right of Post Content 

 How to Insert Ads to the Left of Post Content 

 How to Insert Ads in the Sidebars