Wp-Insert 2.0 Alpha

Wp-Insert 2.0 is almost there; we need Help beta testing the new version.  Drop your feedback and suggestions in the comment thread

Download Alpha Version : DOWNLOAD

PS : This is an Alpha Version and not the final product.  Please do not install on your primary blogs.

  • http://www.geekandblogger.com/ Pavan Somu

    Great to see this plugin again.

  • fatih

    hi , is it possible to insert PHP codes in the theme via this plugin ? its very urgent…

    • smartlogix

      Yes it is..You have to use the Template Ads option

  • Bruno

    Hi man,

    First of all thanks for your work. It has been fantastic so far.

    I’m trying out this beta and there is still a small problem: The option to exclude some kind of In-Post Ads in the posts of some categories isn’t working. Or I’m doing something wrong…

    I’ve putted the ad codes and in the rules section went to categories and excluded some categories. Yet, the post from that excluded categories still get the ads :S

    Cheers and keep the good work ;)

    • smartlogix

      Exclude from categories work for the category listing pages…To exclude
      the ads from actual posts you have to use the exclude from posts

      • http://www.grandeaposta.com/ Bruno

        Hmm ok

        And Is there any way that I can exclude ads from all of the posts of a certain category? Or I have to put them, one by one, on the “exclude from posts”?


        • smartlogix

          As of now you have to add them one by one.

          • http://www.grandeaposta.com/ Bruno

            And is in the plans of the development team to introduce this feature? Its because introducing 20 or 30 posts thats not a problem, but with the growth of the blog some of them may be forgotten and those will be not well formated :S

  • Santiago Antonio Carnago Tabla

    Hi, I love your plugin and I’m using on my sites, but I would like to recommend you, if you can insert a widget that can show ads with 125×125 px format, thanks

  • Santiago Antonio Carnago Tabla

    Sorry Another thing, if you can ad privacy policy and T&C in other languages would be great, I always recomemend your plugin to my clients, but many of them are spanish speakers, so if you need help I can send you the translation… just let me know

  • http://about.me/jameshicks James Hicks

    Any estimates on delivery of 2.0 you can give us?
    The updates look really exciting – can’t wait to upgrade from the current version.

  • thund5000

    Yup… Can’t wait for the latest update. I love this plugin, I never forget to install this to every site i made :)

  • http://patwist.com/ Patrik PATWIST

    Amazing plugin :-)